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The Australasian Recruitment Company provides temporary, contract and permanent recruitment services. Our candidates are mostly from Australia and New Zealand and have a strong desire to meet the demands of the London market.

Our candidates are highly skilled, hard working and hard to beat. They’re also here to stay.

We select those who have come over here with that professional, go-getting attitude - the ones who are determined to take their chance and do well. Who are friendly, down-to-earth and always ready to roll up their sleeves and get fully involved.

Our UK experienced professional consultants take time to understand your business as well as your specific requirements.


I am now very experienced with interviews carried out by recruitment agencies and can tell within minutes if the person sitting in front of me is knowledgeable and actually is genuinely interested in the me the candidate.

I must say with great pleasure that you restored my confidence in the recruitment industry and that Australasian is like a bunch of fresh flowers in this untidy jungle of recruitment agencies.

The questioning techniques were appropriate and I have been made to feel comfortable so as to explain exactly what i was looking for in my next role. All my expectations have been met and even beyond.

I will definitely recommend your agencies to people i know as i am confident you would deliver again and again.

Carmelina France

Australasian Recruitment Company is an equal opportunities employer