6 Christmas temp jobs you should consider

By Australasian Recruitment Company – November 26, 2021

6 Christmas temp jobs you should consider

Are you a final year student? New to the UK jobs market? Or between roles and looking to earn some cash whilst you plan your next move? Organisations up and down the UK are snapping up Christmas temp workers right now – in fact latest stats show that there are 25 per cent more seasonal roles on offer this year than pre-Covid in 2019. So why is a Christmas temp role so invaluable and where can you find them?

The benefits of getting a Christmas temp job

As well as earning yourself some extra cash to see you through the festive season, there are a wealth of benefits to getting temporary work at this time of year:

Decorate your CV: A Christmas temp job is the ideal opportunity to get a foot on the career ladder and some great content for your CV. It’s pretty much guaranteed that whatever you go for will involve the CV-friendly elements of teamwork, problem-solving and time management.

Training opportunities: Office coordinator, customer service representative or general administrative support? The knowledge you absorb whilst working in a casual seasonal job offers valuable insight into how to conduct yourself in the corporate world.

Find out your cup of tea: You may not have a long-term career plan just yet but taking on a part-time Christmas job will help to steer you in the right direction by either showing you what you do – or definitely don’t want to do in the future.

Working in a team: Chances are you’ll be team-working in droves, something that will always quickly be apparent to your next employer.

Preventing gaps in your CV: It’s a great way to ease the pressure if you’re between jobs or seeking that perfect role. Employers look favourably on casual Christmas work on your CV as it shows initiative and adaptability.

Building your network: Getting onto the Christmas staff rota can be just the inroad you need to forge a future career at that organisation. As many businesses are increasing hiring of permanent staff, a temporary job is a great way to get your foot in the door, prove yourself, and potentially find a long-term opportunity.


It’s not all about retail and hospitality!

Whilst there are opportunities in the obvious sectors of retail and hospitality, those aren’t the only places you can look. Many corporate organisations are seeking business support staff this year, offering you a very different kind of experience and a springboard into corporate life.


The 6 hottest Christmas jobs right now

Customer care professionals

In a customer care role you’ll be responsible for responding to customer requests, coordinating complaints and being the first point of contact with the general public. Demand for these services is huge over the Christmas period, especially in the retail sector. Experience in this type of role can provide a foundation for a plethora of customer and client-facing careers and many of these seasonal jobs can be done remotely.

Events coordinators

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party? Events organisations – even regular organisations – will be rushed off their feet and in need of staff with a positive, can-do attitude to take deliveries, set up and clear down venues and speak to suppliers. If you’re looking to get into events, marketing or production, this kind of experience will set you head and shoulders above competitors in future interview situations.

Guest experience coordinators

Christmas is a stressful time for organisations operating in the hospitality sector: the volume of events, guests and customers are at a peak yet sometimes they’re operating with a high proportion of untrained temporary staff. The role of the guest experience coordinator ensures that customers’ needs are being met, issues are being dealt with and the organisation’s reputation remains intact. This is a very diverse role that can be the stepping stone for many different careers with all the people, problem-solving and organisational skills you will learn.


As there’s always an influx of activity at the front desk in the run-up to Christmas: deliveries, orders, phone calls, people – reception cover is a great way to pick up really valuable office experience. On reception, you really do become the eyes and ears of the business. Because of this knowledge you gain, there’s a high chance that the successful Christmas temp receptionist will be considered for future vacancies.

eCommerce marketers

eCommerce marketing is a varied role that’s all about driving awareness and action towards an online business’ product or service. There is extra pressure at Christmas for brands to ensure they’re driving traffic to their websites through social media, content creation, keyword optimisation among other activities. You may be hired to focus on one of these elements but as you gain confidence, be asked to help in others. Then all of a sudden you’ve got a host of skills under your belt!

Sickness cover/office jobs

This year, we’re seeing companies suffer increased staff shortages due to covid-related issues on top of the usual cold and flu season. As such, many organisations are actively hiring people in anticipation of these shortages. This is the kind of opportunity you don’t typically see and it offers a great inroad to office life if you’re looking to gain experience. Usually one or two temp roles in an office scenario will put you in great stead for future roles.


We can match you with your perfect Christmas temp job

Right now we have a really exciting range of temporary jobs on offer, including office and business support work. Check out our current vacancies to grab yourself a merry little Christmas temp job today!

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