How to Get Your CV to the Top of the Pile in a Pandemic

By Australasian Recruitment Company – September 16, 2020

How to Get Your CV to the Top of the Pile in a Pandemic

How to Get Your CV to the Top of the Pile in a Pandemic

We find ourselves in an era and a marketplace in which it has never been easier to apply for office work in London. Conversely it has never been harder to secure that new role. How to square this ever-enlarging circle?

Here are our top tips for getting your CV to the top of the pile in a pandemic:

Less is More

Only apply for roles for which you are well suited. Take the time to tailor your CV to the specific position – include language and key words in your work experience bullet points that both reflect your experience and closely match what is required. If there isn’t a fit that the recruiter or hiring manager can see when looking at your most recent employer or role, you will be a “no”. It’s tailored quality as opposed to excessive quantity that counts when submitting your CV in the London market.

Attention to Detail

You have heard it before, but we will say it again, be diligent when checking your CV – don’t let grammatical errors be the reason you may lose out to your competition. You should have a minimum of three people check your CV for any spelling or grammatical errors – nothing less than perfect will do.

“I work well from home, autonomously, and in a team”

Personal profiles are a divided topic. Who is going to say that they are “not hard working” or that they are “inefficient and unprofessional”? Correct – no one. Which means that all of your efforts to construct a unique personal profile will either go to waste, or end up reading like everybody else’s – achieving the opposite of that which you intended. Good work habits and personal qualities have long been a given in office support roles anyway, so it’s better to spend your time focusing on tailored, well-matched work experience (see point 1).

Don’t forget LinkedIn

For many people, LinkedIn and their CV are increasingly becoming one and the same. Most, if not all, prospective London employers will review your LinkedIn profile – so it too must be perfectly positioned and reflect your CV. That includes any activity whatsoever on your page. Spell check, sense check, have a friend check, and then check again – before you post.

And finally….

Remember the basics! Keep these in mind when putting everything together – in no particular order but all of equal importance:

  • Well formatted
  • Easily findable and up to date contact details
  • List first those achievements/special projects which are relevant to the role for which you are applying
  • If during your education you received a top grade/percentile – highlight it!
  • Write in chronological order – most recent experience first
  • As your appearance is not relevant to the office support roles you are applying for in London, it is not necessary to include a headshot – your experience and skill will speak for themselves


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Take care, stay positive and we hope to see you soon!

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