Is a 3 Year YMS Visa Just Around the Corner?

By Australasian Recruitment Company – April 28, 2021

Is a 3 Year YMS Visa Just Around the Corner?

Is a 3 Year YMS Visa Just Around the Corner?

Almost in parallel with the prospect of legal limits on social contact being lifted in the UK on June 21st is the news that emerged over the weekend that there is every chance we will see a new Free Trade deal signed between the UK and Australia. But what does this mean for the two countries’ workforces and how might it affect you? Below are some of the potential outcomes of a new Free Trade deal.

Mutually Recognised Professional Qualifications? 

It is likely that professional qualifications gained in either country will be formally recognised in both countries for work purposes which is a far cry from the old days of Australian-qualified lawyers arriving in the UK on the old Working Holiday Visa and being unable to pursue their profession.

New Professional Visas? 

It is likely that the deal will allow access to special visas for professionals, with fast-tracking processes and approvals enabling a more seamless transition from one country to the other.

What about the Youth Mobility Visa? 

At the moment, Australians under the age of 30 can work for two years in the UK (that in itself being an improvement on the hugely unpopular two year visa where Australians could only work for 52 weeks of the total 104 weeks on the visa). It is likely that either these visas will be extended – perhaps to three years; or that people may be able to extend it once they have proven their ongoing work status; or that people can apply for a second two year visa under the age of 30. All of these options would represent a fantastic opportunity for Australians to extend their working stay in the UK contributing to the recovery of the economy (already very much in evidence) and adding to their skills and experience prior to returning home.

Will You Need a Visa At All? 

It is highly unlikely that visas will be scrapped altogether as they are between Australia and New Zealand, but it is almost certain that extended visas of one kind or another will be the new reality. Speaking of New Zealand, and indeed countries such as Canada, we can expect to see Trade deals offering extended visa opportunities for those countries too in the coming months, as the realities of Brexit and its opportunities to allow the UK to pursue its own economic and trade agreements, come to fruition. Beyond these steps, the UK could also be on the path to joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement with Trans-Pacific Partnership incorporating 11 countries around the Pacific Rim.

For now, with the focus on Australia and the UK, there is no question that a freer flow of people would inevitably create longer lasting opportunities for those keen to expand their horizons and to work between the two countries. Let us hope that the ongoing negotiations between International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, and Australian Trade Minister, Dan Tehan continue at the same pace and with the same productivity as they have to date the outcome of which, by the end of June hopefully not only will the UK be out of lockdown, but the two countries will soon be seeing mutually beneficial employment opportunities being even more positively shared across the hemispheres.

As Dan Tehan said at the conclusion of the most recent talks:

“The more we can do to allow Australian intellectual power to come to the UK and help your services economy — and UK intellectual power to come and help us in Australia with our predominantly services-based economy — that will benefit both nations.

“It brings innovation with it, it brings technological advancement with it and once again, most importantly, creates jobs.”

We at Australasian Recruitment Company wholeheartedly agree!

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