Lockdown Lifting – Planning Ahead to a Brighter 2021

By Australasian Recruitment Company – December 1, 2020

Lockdown Lifting – Planning Ahead to a Brighter 2021

Lockdown Lifting – Planning Ahead to a Brighter 2021

On Wednesday of this week, assuming that MP’s vote through Boris Johnson’s toughened tier system, the latest national lockdown will come to an end.  

London has been designated as a Tier 2 zone which means that: 

  • No mixing of households indoors 
  • The Rule of Six will apply outdoors 
  • Pubs and restaurants are to close at 11.00pm 
  • Alcohol can only be served as part of a substantial meal 
  • Limited numbers of spectators can attend sports events and live performances 
  • Personal care is allowed, including hairdressing 

From which we might take that those who wish to move beyond existing to living will be (a) investing in a second coat, (b) saving themselves for a “substantial” evening meal and (c) hoping to attend at least one event, with a new hairstyle to do it! 

On a more serious note (though hopefully we have some room left for humour as we begin to nudge the door closed on 2020), what does this mean for the London job market? 

As it has done all year, this will of course depend on which industry and what role one is in. Sadly, for those in the Travel, Hospitality, Leisure and Retail sectors this will be another dose of terrible news. As a leading recruitment agency in London, we have equally seen other sectors and even companies within the above sectors, who have continued not just to survive, but to thrive. Arcadia may be on the brink of collapse and will dominate the business headlines this week, but Next continues to prosper. In simple terms, why? Because the former failed to achieve what the latter has excelled at: successfully integrating physical store networks with digital retailing. COVID-19 has not created trends in the London job market; it has merely accelerated them. 

So how to plan ahead in 2021 if you are fortunate enough to have retained your job and be working for an innovative company that is seeking to grow through the crisis?  

Here are our Top 5 tips: 

  • Try not to be unsettled by the uncertainty, instead focus on the facts in front of you, adapt to your surroundings (as the majority now have) and know that thLondon job market really will look very different by Easter. 
  • If in doubt, make the most of the flexible resourcing models available and stick to hiring temporary staff. Some companies have been hiring permanent office support roles since July but most have been hiring temporary roles and keeping them on as things have improved. 
  • Keep working on your remote management skills. Many temporary office support hires this year are yet to visit their physical office. Ensure you have strong support from your IT and HR departments to smoothly onboard and integrate new hires. 
  • Look beyond your usual hiring pool. If a job can be done remotely, look further afield to select from a wider and more diverse choice of talent. 
  • Get ready to convert your best temporary hires to permanent. Things will continue to improve in the London job market, business has already adapted and there will be pent-up demand once the vaccine has been distributed. Be ahead of the curve when that happens with a previously trained, well-knit team who are ready to help drive your department and the business forward. 


If you are a candidate looking for your next temporary or permanent office support role in London, or a client requiring assistance in recruitment please contact our team so we can help you with your search at hello@australasian.co.uk 

Take care, stay positive and we hope to see you soon! 

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