The Time to Move to London is Now!

By Australasian Recruitment Company – May 21, 2021

The Time to Move to London is Now!

The Time to Move to London is Now!

It’s official – and we’re not just talking about the fact that you can now hug your loved ones or have a meal indoors!

We have seen dramatic demand at Australasian Recruitment Company since the beginning of April for all manner of business support roles and top of the list is demand for a record number of Recruitment Coordinators.

When our clients are prioritising these roles, you 100% know that the tide is turning into jobs. These roles are needed to manage a massively increased amount of planned hiring.

Here’s more of what this tells us as a leading recruitment agency in London and what you should do about it:

  • If you’ve been thinking of coming to London, NOW is the time to do it – Why? Because right now some of the best companies in the world (and many of them are our clients!) have adapted to the COVID world and have now pressed the button on pent-up demand through recruiting business support staff – they’re ready to go but….
  • The talent just isn’t available. Australians and New Zealanders have been biding their time; European workers don’t have the access that they did; and the UK has been in lockdown. So….
  • If you’re reading this and have been thinking about coming to London, this period will be one of the best times to do so. Wait too long and you’ll be too late.
  • What about COVID? The UK vaccination programme has so far been an success – 34-year-olds are now being offered their first vaccine – months ahead of their Australian and New Zealand counterparts. Vaccinations are also being ramped up to stave off the Indian or any other variants which may arise over time.
  • What about travel? Borders have begun to open – you can now legally travel to any country on either the Green or Amber list. That includes almost the whole of Europe and North America. Yes, for most countries you have to quarantine (at home, not in a hotel) for 10 days on your return (5 days with a negative PCR test on day 5) but many employers will allow that to enable their employees to return to a modicum of normality
  • Recent Labour Market reports have confirmed that whether you want work in the private (including hospitality and retail), public or voluntary sectors, demand is up hugely, in fact the last time we saw such a degree of optimism as a recruitment agency was 8 years ago in 2013! We are already seeing wage inflation accompany this dynamic. Salaries and hourly rates for business support roles are going up while supply simply fails to meet demand
  • If you are reading this, you are the supply. The demand is currently willing to do a great deal to secure you. But this isn’t forecast to last forever – it is likely to level off as the year progresses. The market will still be good towards the end of the year, but it won’t be as good as it is right now for business support candidates who have been thinking of coming to London. The saying goes that “fortune favours the brave”. Never was a truer word spoken in relation to the current hiring market in London. Time to go!


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