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Did I just cycle 300 kilometers to Paris in 24 hours?!
I’m not sure how many glasses (or was it bottles?) of wine I had had when I decided over Christmas to take up the challenge of cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours.
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How to: Create a home away from home
Moving to London wasn’t a decision I made, it was a knowledge that I had since I was about 10 years old. At some point, I would live in the huge, perceptibly untameable city, that is London.
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Next Year is on its Way - Whether You're Ready For it or Not!
With 2018 only just around the corner it’s still not too late to plan ahead for next year. Making a plan is a simple thing, but it’s amazing how often we plunge into the next year without pausing to set some clear goals for ourselves....
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'Tis the Season!
‘Tis the season to be jolly, and for a lot of us it’s also the season of the orphan’s Christmas. As much as we all miss Christmas BBQ’s, the sun and our family this time of year, being an orphan in London can also be pretty amazing!
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London, the City of Charity
When I first moved to this city, one of the cultural differences that really stood out to me was how many charity shops lined the high streets in suburban London AND how many people support not-for-profit, philanthropic organisations on a regular basis. London really is a charitable city!
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London on a Shoestring
We all know how expensive London can be, but there are low cost ways to experience the many incredible sights and experiences this city has to offer.
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A Year in London – Five Important Lessons
Our consultant Rob offers some great advice if you are now a year into your London adventure. From flight hacks to moving flats - these are some of the things you wish you knew in your first few months!
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The Work-Life IMbalance
Is it even possible to achieve a work-life balance in the city of London?
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A Day in the Countryside
Sometimes London weekends can become all about the parties and the parties and the more parties, take some time out for some fresh air!
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The London Job Market – It’s Not at all Doom and Gloom!
At Australasian Recruitment Company we have heard a fair bit of negative press in Australia and New Zealand about the London job market and we are here to tell you; don’t listen to the negative reviews!
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Winter Is Coming...
OK so it is already dark and it is only 5 o’clock… winter is most certainly on its way!
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Are you REALLY on holiday?
With today's technology, how much are you really appreciating your holiday?
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