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Reporting and Review

Information Management
We utilise the recruitment software Profile RPM as our information management system and always ensure that candidate information is kept up-to-date. The system also manages our candidate follow-ups so we can ensure we adhere to our high standard of candidate contact.

We guarantee regular contact with our candidates, regardless of whether they have found employment through ourselves. We are committed to constant contact throughout the hiring process with both successful and unsuccessful candidates. We ask our clients to provide comprehensive interview feedback to assist us in our ability to provide the best possible guidance and advice for our candidates throughout their careers.

We are able to provide clients with detailed management reporting across any required matrix. Our reports can be tailored as needed across whichever time period is requested. Examples would include temporary, contract, temporary or permanent or permanent costs across department; hiring manager; location; job title etc.

We encourage quarterly, half yearly or annual review of our performance against our clients’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Typical KPI’s could include rates such as order acceptance; CV acceptance; CV quality (interviews per CV); offer acceptance; fill rate; vetting and account management. We also conduct regular post-placement contact – typically weekly for the first month of an assignment and monthly thereafter.

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