About Us

Times Have Changed, but Our Commitment to Providing High-Quality Recruitment Hasn’t

Our London based recruitment agency was established in 2003 and while some things have changed, we have always remained true to our core values.

What’s in a Name?

A lot of people ask us, why are we called Australasian Recruitment Company? When we opened our doors in 2003 we were a boutique recruitment agency in London and we started by concentrating on the temporary office support recruitment market. At the time the most readily available candidate pool with the rights to work in London were Australasian travellers.
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As time has passed we now cater to all London locals and a host of international travellers attracted to the bright lights of London looking for work. Whilst times and business practices have changed our name hasn’t. Australasian Recruitment Company is an established name that people trust.

Australasian Recruitment Company are proud members of APSCo.

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About the Team

We are a diverse group of people, many of us have been in the same shoes as you are now as many of our team came from overseas, they showed up on our doorstep trying to find jobs in London and we were so impressed that we kept them for ourselves!
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Some of our staff came to London looking for a sea change, others were locals who found a career change. Our London based recruitment agency is made up of a rich tapestry of cultures, mind-sets and hard work.We are all about listening. We want to find out about you and how we can help you. So, tell us about your career aspirations and where you want to be, tell us about your travel plans and how we can help find you the right work to fund them. Whatever your reason for talking to Australasian Recruitment Company let us see how our recruitment agency can assist you.
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TELEPHONE 020 7625 3300
EMAIL hello@australasian.co.uk

179 – 181 West End Lane
West Hampstead

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