Job Searching Tips

So you have arrived in London and now the job search has begun! Here are some helpful tips to assist you with your job search in London.


This is the first important step to assist you with your job search. The London market is very competitive and roles can disappear fast. You do not want to miss out on any job opportunities just because you missed the call from your potential employer or recruiter.


London is a professional city, make sure that you have your wardrobe prepared for your job search. Even when registering with recruitment agencies it is important to ensure you are as corporately presented as possible, as this gives your recruitment consultant the confidence that you can be put forward to all of their clients. When interviewing with clients you must always be dressed in a suit with a blazer. During the interview process you can gain an idea of your potential employer’s dress expectations but on your first day it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed!

Your CV

Your CV is your “first impression” and your sales tool to obtain you that first interview, so you want it to be as effective as possible.


  • Type your CV in a plain font which is easy to read
  • Keep your CV to two pages, three maximum
  • Use bullet points when listing your responsibilities and duties
  • Make sure your CV flows in chronological date order with your most recent job first
  • Ensure you include all dates of schooling and education
  • Include your contact details and your visa status
  • Always double-check your CV for spelling and typing errors


  • Write long-winded descriptions when detailing your previous experience
  • Leave unexplained gaps between employment, even if you were travelling
  • Put any graphics on your CV
  • Include any courses or certificates that do not relate to your employment history


Most employers in London will utilise a recruitment agency for their recruitment process. Make sure you register with an agency that is relevant to your skill set and you can register with more than one. Your recruitment consultant is your representative to obtain you the job you want so always ensure you keep in touch and maintain your professionalism in your communication with them.


We all get nervous before an interview, it is human nature, but there is a way to help you overcome the nerves and it is called preparation!

Before any interview make sure you have researched the company by visiting their website or studying their brochures. This will make you look knowledgable, proactive and dedicated. If you have received a job description then you know what the job entails and you can tailor your answers to fit the job.

Think about any questions you may be asked and potential responses to compentency-based questions. It is also important to think of any questions you would like to ask, as an interview is a two-way process and this will display your further interest in the company.

Learn your CV so you can give detailed information about your previous employment and job descriptions and this will avoid any answers that may contradict the information on your CV.

Plan your journey to allow yourself plenty of time to get to the interview. Citymapper is a great phone app for finding your way around London. You should always arrive 10 minutes early for your interview, but not too early!

Body language plays a very important role in your interview, be aware of crossed arms and legs as this can be portrayed as defensiveness. Try not to fidget or make tapping noises as this can distract your interviewer.

Answer the questions slowly and clearly, it is also a good idea to add facts where you can to your answers.

Lastly, relax and be yourself.


A phone interview is very different to a face-to-face interview and it is important to remain focused and ensure you are located in a quiet room with no distractions.

  • Have a copy of your CV and the job description to hand
  • Standing up to increase your energy and come across as more upbeat and positive
  • Make sure you listen to your interviewer and do not interrupt
  • Do not ramble, keep your answers short and concise
  • Have written questions prepared to ask
  • SMILE! This will come across in your voice when you are talking


Web conference interviews such as Skype are becoming more commonplace nowadays and can be a little more nerve-wracking than a normal face-to-face interview. Before your interview ensure that your software program is working, you have a good connection and your microphone is on. Present yourself professionally as obviously your interviewer will be able to see you! If you have connection problems remain calm and do not become flustered.


Once again it is imperative you are not late on your first day as this really is your first impression. Use your Citymapper app to plan your route to work and also check for any travel updates as London transport can be unreliable. Your attire should be corporate unless you have been advised otherwise in your interview. London office culture can be quite different to back home, so always ensure that your tone and conversation remains professional. Your recruitment agent will touch base with you on your first day to check in with how you are going and any queries relating to your job should always be directed to your recruitment agent. Any queries around leave or sick days should also be communicated to your consultant.


If you are placed in a temporary role you are technically the employee of the recruitment agency. Your recruitment agency will pay you based on timesheets that you will complete and any queries relating to your employment should be directed to your recruitment consultant. You are however under the direction of the line manager of the recruitment agency’s client.

You are placed in a contractual role with the recruitment agency’s client which has a defined end date. The client will pay you and any queries should be directed to the client. Your recruitment consultant will still keep in touch with you throughout your contractual assignment.

You are working directly for the client who will provide you with a contract of employment. You are paid by the client and you are no longer working with the recruitment agency. At Australasian Recruitment Company we will always keep in touch to see how you are getting on.

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