How to Continue Your Career Development During COVID-19

By Australasian Recruitment Company – May 12, 2020

How to Continue Your Career Development During COVID-19

Feeling like your career is in a freeze frame amid COVID-19?

COVID-19 has caused somewhat of a freeze frame for many countries around the world and this has drastically affected life plans, including career progression. Many are facing holds on promotions and offers, or indeed unemployment. However, even though the job market is much reduced at this current point in time, it does not mean you cannot work on your career progression preparing for when things begin to have movement once again.

Your career progression checklist while at home

So, what is it you can do to ensure career progression in the COVID-19 freeze frame? See our career checklists below:

Currently Unemployed?

  • LinkedIn – update your LinkedIn profile, ask for endorsements from colleagues and be active, engaging and posting on current topics. Connections can be the biggest lifeline in the current climate where many whom are unemployed have turned to LinkedIn posts shared by colleagues to explain their circumstances
  • CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio – be meticulous in your attention to detail of your CV and cover letter, asking for opinions of other professionals in your field where possible and editing each job application to suit the particular role. Put together a portfolio where possible
  • Recruitment registration – Register today and complete testing to ensure you are ready for when hiring starts again, simply email your CV to
  • Self-improvement – there are many online courses, many of which are free for that could help build your skills in your newly found spare time
  • Read and listen – catch up on blogs or podcasts relevant to your field, this will inspire and keep you up to date ensuring you are ready for your next interview
  • Prepare for interviews – continue preparing the perfect answers for that next interview
  • Research your dream job – now is the time to delve deeper into that dream job of yours, find out what it takes and what you are lacking or look into a particular company that you have had your eye on and reach out with a personal note

Looking for a promotion?

  • Character – there is an opportunity in every situation and in this situation it is to stand out from the crowd and show your employer that you can be relied upon in a difficult time. Go above and beyond to ensure your company is equipped for the current situation
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities – many businesses have frozen hiring and spending, however this does not mean that companies aren’t hiring internally Keep an eye out for openings within the company and be ready to reach out
  • Don’t let your work slip – ensure that you keep up with work and are always contactable throughout working from home to show you are capable of your current role
  • Self-improvement – could you take on any online courses in your newly found spare time that contribute towards that promotion?

Looking after your Wellbeing is also career progression

COVID-19 is presenting challenges for many individuals and we understand it is hard to keep going despite the limited prospects available. This is why another part of working on your career progression during the COVID-19 freeze is about starting with your wellbeing. Ensuring you are mentally supported is just as much a part of being prepared as editing your CV so take a look at our blog ‘Wellbeing during COVID-19 and your new daily routine’ before you tackle LinkedIn and remember it is okay not to be okay.

We are still here to help you succeed in your career

At Australasian Recruitment Company, one of our most cherished Values is “It’s not about Us, it’s about You” – we care about our candidates, you are never just a number to us. We are on hand to talk with you about the current job market and what you can be doing to prepare yourself for when hiring continues to recover post COVID-19. Call +44 20 7625 3300 or email us at today.

Take care, stay safe and speak soon!

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