The Top 10 Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

By Australasian Recruitment Company – April 1, 2021

The Top 10 Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

The Top 10 Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

Last week, we tackled the questions you need to ask your recruiter and we had some great feedback from our readers on this topic. This week, now that you know what questions to ask your recruiter, we move on to what questions you need to ask your interviewer.

During a job interview you will have a lot of questions fired at you as your potential employer tries to find out more about you, but the interview is a two way street. Asking questions of your interviewer shows that you are engaged with the process and that you are thinking about the potential role and interested in the company, which is something every potential employer wants to see in a future employee!

The Top 10 recommended questions this week come from our team here in London, as well as from our sister company in Auckland, HOME Recruitment:

1. When you were looking for work, why were you attracted to work for this company?

2. And how has your experience of working here measured up to your expectations beforehand?

This is a great follow up question which will help you understand whether or not the Company actually delivers what it advertises.

3. How did the role I am interviewing for become available?

An important question, to which there could be several answers such as (a) we promoted the last person (ask – after how long, and what have they gone on to do?), (b) we fired the last person (ask – why, and how do I avoid the same fate?, or (c) we’re growing, it’s a new position!

4. What is it about the Company that you most enjoy, and what specifically makes it a great Company to work for?

5. How is success measured in my role?

An excellent question which will help you understand the exact expectations that your new employer will have of you. It will also help reveal how your new employer measures your performance. Quantity of work? Quality of work? Peer opinion? Ratings scales? Team performance? Customer feedback or evaluation? Targets being met?

6. What is the most demanding challenge for someone in this role, and what qualities do they need to overcome it?

Listen hard to the answer, and be thinking of an example you can share from your own background which evidences this quality when overcoming a similar or related challenge.

7. How did your previous experience set you up for success in your role and within the Company overall?

8. If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting at this Company, what would it be?

9. How would you describe the Company culture and its values?

You don’t want to appear to not know what these are if they are clearly laid out on the Company’s website. Instead, you can refer to what is written on the website and ask how the Company’s culture and values are lived.

10. What are the Company’s goals over the next 12 months and how can I play my part in helping the Company hit them?

And a bonus question to finish…

Imagine things have gone well and you feel there is a good match between what the Company is looking for and what you can offer – ask them, “is there anything which you think would prevent me from doing a great job for the Company?”.

If they say “yes – there’s one area which you would need which we’re not sure you have” then it gives you a chance, then and there, to evidence that area if you can in the interview.

So much better to know at the time than the next day at home when you hear you just missed out because you didn’t have “x” or “y” and on reflection you feel you could have demonstrated those things had you had the chance in the interview. This question, if you are prepared to ask it, gives you that chance.

And of course, if they say “no – there’s nothing which we think would prevent you from being successful in this role”, then it sounds like an offer might be coming your way!

At Australasian in London and at HOME in Auckland, we always do everything we can to help you win an offer. Use the above questions to give yourself the best chance when it comes down to just you and a hiring manager in the actual job interview.

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Good luck!

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