How to Successfully Conduct Virtual Recruitment and Onboarding During COVID-19

By Australasian Recruitment Company – May 12, 2020

How to Successfully Conduct Virtual Recruitment and Onboarding During COVID-19

How to conduct virtual recruitment

Business is already adjusting to COVID-19 and the idea of “contactless” recruitment. Virtual recruitment is currently the only realistic solution in place in London and for many this may be a daunting thought: bringing someone on board whom you have never actually met in person.

However, virtual recruitment and onboarding is not a completely new process, so we expect to see, if not a seamless, then a progressive approach going forward.

What to keep in mind when virtually recruiting

To have a successful move to virtual recruitment keep in mind the following:

  • Be confident in the process – If you are comfortable with, and have trust in the process, your prospective candidates will be equally reassured
  • Identify your recruitment process weaknesses – there is no time like the present to improve, as a digital process will only magnify outstanding issues
  • Identify your strengths – know what makes your company unique and how it can be applied in a recruitment process
  • Know what makes your top performers unique – identify the characteristics and skills you seek by looking at your current top performers
  • Identify candidates more easily through digitally administered personality and skill tests can be administered
  • Ask all the right questions – recruiting digitally gives you the chance to ask all of the right questions as your process needs to be precise and pinpointed for the correct outcome
  • Check candidate’s IT – ensure they have good quality internet / phone connection  – few things are more frustrating than losing connectivity just when you’re beginning to make a connection
  • Check their work and their references in advance – have the candidate send through samples and check their LinkedIn prior to booking an interview to ensure your time is spent wisely moving forward with an interview
  • Have your plans for digital onboarding ready to go – identify your onboarding weaknesses and strengths at the same time, letting the candidate know you have a plan for them will nurture their trust in your company

What to keep in mind when virtually onboarding

Now that you have successfully hired your candidate, your new employee will especially look for security and leadership in the current climate. Here are some key things to keep in mind for successful digital onboarding:

  • Onboarding Kit – send an onboarding kit with all processes and necessary procedures documented for them to review
  • IT – prior to onboarding ensure they have all the tech necessary including a good internet connection and your IT team is on hand to help with any issues straight away
  • Communicate – communicate with your new hire regularly prior to starting and during induction – have as much available video communication as possible
  • Be transparent where uncertain times call for honest but optimistic communication about the business position at the outset
  • Timelines and goals – ensure you plan your new starters schedule to keep them busy, also setting goals and timelines for expectations of yourself and the new starter to keep you on track during the process
  • Team bonding – this is a challenge in the current climate and is therefore is where you need to be most creative and active. Consider how your team bonds and ways this can be replaced
  • Make use of any apps such as House Party to get to know team members on a more relaxed level (you can still organise Friday drinks and lunches on the company and it will be appreciated more than ever)
  • Buddies and mentors – Not only should new Managers be generally available, but assign a buddy and/or mentor for the new hire

Let’s talk digital recruitment and onboarding

Call us to talk through our thoughts on digital recruitment and onboarding, and we are on hand to guide you through this process. Call 020 7625 3300 or email us at to fill your office support role in London or just to talk through your concerns today.

Take care, stay safe and speak soon!

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