Top Tips for Moving to London – The Basics

By Australasian Recruitment Company – March 17, 2020

Top Tips for Moving to London – The Basics

What Do I Need to Do When Moving to London

Moving countries can be daunting, especially moving to one of the fastest moving cities in the world. We understand because we have walked in your shoes, that is why as a recruitment agency we strive to assist our candidates as much as possible during this transition to London and we know finding a job is a key element to making it a smooth one.

We have a few handy tips to help you ensure you’ve covered the basics.


As you may know, a visa is the first step of your journey when relocating to London. Take a look at to see which visa you are eligible for. Unless you are lucky enough to have access to a British or EU passport, the general three visas are the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) Visa, Ancestry Visa or a Sponsorship Visa.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • Take into account Visa Processing Times to ensure you leave an appropriate amount of time between your application and your departure date and allowing for any visa delays.
  • Ensure you have enough funds to prove you can support yourself, as well as pay Application Fees and the Healthcare Surcharge for your stay in the UK.

There are many companies who can help with the application process to ensure you aren’t making any mistakes as this could cost you hundreds to reapply, but this is up to you if you feel it is necessary. If this is not for you then we recommend triple checking your answers!


London is an amazing place to be, but the cost of living can be quite high so ensuring you have employment as soon as possible can be quite crucial, depending on your situation of course.

That is where we can help, get in contact with Australasian Recruitment Company as soon as possible to start lining up some work. It is also quite common to start out with temporary work in London whilst waiting for that perfect permanent role to come along.

Make sure you are prepared before leaving home and you have an updated CV along with any written references. You can send these through to us at and we can discuss your options together.

To work in the UK once you have arrived you will need to apply for your National Insurance Number for taxation purposes. To do this you will need to book and attend an interview and take proof of address and your Visa card. You can still work for a period of time whilst you try to obtain this, but it is best to get sorted straight away as employers and recruitment agencies in London will request this.

You may be restricted by luggage and really want to bring that second denim jacket you own but ensure you leave space for that perfect interview outfit. Roles in London often require quite professional attire. We recommend you always lean towards a more professional appearance, even when seeing recruitment agencies in London.

Once you have obtained your new job you will also need a bank account to receive your pay. The easiest and seemingly popular choice at the moment is Monzo as you can sign up instantaneously via the app and only need a recording of yourself, address and a form of ID. In London you might find Monzo is somewhat of a requirement anyway, as many use it for its payment-splitting function between friends.

Once working, it is also helpful to note that you will be automatically enrolled into a UK pension fund. You will have the option to opt out of this if you wish to within the first month of being enrolled.


Housing can be a tricky task when relocating to the other side of the world, we recommend not locking yourself into any arrangements straight away. Temporary accommodation is advisable such as staying in a hostel, Airbnb or subletting through platforms like SpareRoom as you won’t yet know which area of London you prefer or where will be close to work. Living less than an hour’s commute away from a role is desired by recruitment agencies and will also be key to your quality of life in London.

When looking for housing ensure you are close to public transport such as the Overground or Underground as these will be your lifeline in London. Note that transport can become quite expensive depending on the number of zones you are travelling between, so this is another reason it is a smart idea to reside as close to work as possible.

Once you have housing you will also need to register with a General Practitioner in your area. This might be different to what you are used to as you can only visit your set practice and you will need proof of address to do so. Make sure you do this as soon as you arrive, or you may not be able to visit a doctor when needed and it is always better to have done it before you get sick!


Now the most important tips of all.. it’s not all hustle and bustle in London. One of the biggest perks about London is that travelling the world might be a lot easier compared to back home. Weekend getaways to Europe or even travel on the way to your new home are a common occurrence. Ensure you have travel insurance for those getaways as you won’t be covered outside of the UK.

There are some great companies that can help you find cheap trips when taking a holiday from that amazing job that Australasian Recruitment Company has landed you in London, such as Jacks Flight Club, Holiday Pirates or Stoke Travel just to name a few.

Now get that CV over to us today at to start one of the most amazing journeys of your life and know that we will be here to assist you through it.

Enjoy London!

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