Our Time Best Spent

By Australasian Recruitment Company – September 9, 2020

Our Time Best Spent

Our Time Best Spent

2020 has been a year when many freedoms we took for granted such as being able to go on holiday, socialise with friends, or see our loved ones, have been removed. One freedom we did not lose was the freedom to choose our own response to the pandemic.  During what has been such a challenging time, human spirit has not been lost and today we share our admiration and respect for those who have made the most out of 2020 so far.

Here are just a handful of examples we have seen.


We have seen many candidates use their time to upskill in various areas. One of our candidates learnt new web development languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript which is a great use of time in a world where we are seeing digitisation trends accelerating due to social distancing. Other people have taken on CIPD or AAT courses to add that extra string to their career bow.

Rolling Up Your Sleeves

During the height of the pandemic supermarkets were in desperate need of additional staff and these people became our key workers throughout lockdown. It was at this point that many people rolled up their sleeves to help out. One of the more famous examples was seeing comedian Jason Manford taking up a post at Iceland to help out as a delivery driver.

Finding New Passions

Many used the opportunity to move from traditional office-based jobs to gardening and landscaping – and have found they prefer it! For many, “swapping the screens for the skies” has been the move that was always talked about, but would probably never have happened without the pandemic.

Pro-Bono Expertise, Sharing and Support

Many senior level executives, directors, partners and indeed companies have been offering support and assistance to those in need. Whether that be by creating quality content on LinkedIn, providing free webinars, connecting networks or just giving their time to listen.

There are so many more examples out there and we salute those people who have found a way to make the most out of what has very often been a stressful situation. Those who have demonstrated an ability to respond to what has been a terrible health and economic crisis in a positive way, often helping others in the process, we thank you for your positivity.

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Take care, stay positive and we hope to see you soon!

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