Recruitment Company – and Not Just Australasian!

By Australasian Recruitment Company – July 14, 2020

Recruitment Company – and Not Just Australasian!

Recruitment Company – and not just Australasian!

“Does exactly what it says on the tin”

Ronseal’s strapline has been the cornerstone of its advertising since 1994 and secured the brand its position as a market leader.

When the founders named Australasian Recruitment Company 17 years ago, they sought to do the same. Initially solely focusing on the temporary marketplace for office support in London, and seeking to supply the highest quality temporary workers who could start today or tomorrow, Australasians (and South Africans at the time while they could still get a two year visa), were the most common group of candidates actively seeking same day start work – crucially they could start that day. Most jobs started the same day or the next day and most non-Australasians in London at that time were usually on a month’s notice. There were some Brits and Europeans who were available and who we were keen to assist, but very few at the time actively sought temporary work.

How times have changed! Over the last 17 years, we have placed thousands of temporary, contract, temp to perm and permanent staff of all nationalities at London’s premier organisations with office support roles. Our name has endured, but the multitude of nationalities (including Brits who have embraced the gig economy, and those who have been willing to make themselves immediately available, and to be genuinely open for temporary work) has exploded.

This is particularly relevant as we look at what is unfolding in 2020. Thousands of candidate’s CVs will be a mess – this year and next. They are likely to be “jumpy” to say the least. Our message is two-fold:

  • We are here to help as we have always been, regardless of nationality.
  • Employers will forgive jumpy CVs while uncertainty reigns. They will know redundancies happen; they may well have been made redundant themselves.

Much has been made of those in the travel and hospitality sectors being laid off. We are beginning to see many office-based roles being brought to a close too throughout London. This will accelerate when the furlough scheme (which has paid 80% of the salaries for over 9 million workers) comes to an end in October throughout the UK.

Many of those employees who have already been laid off are turning to LinkedIn to look for work. It will be a saturated marketplace with many more applicants than vacancies. Be wary of solely relying on LinkedIn. If you are only looking where everyone else is looking, the competition increases.

You should send your CV to us and indeed to other agencies, and you should mirror companies’ behaviour – be very flexible in your approach too. We already have companies contacting us asking to support them with temporary hires for office support in London, and many will continue to do so. They will contact us when speed is of the essence, and when handling the huge number of  potential LinkedIn applications overwhelms their (likely reduced) internal recruitment team.

The good news for British candidates is that there will be less competition for work than what we have seen in the past due to significant global travel restrictions. Brexit, in terms of the likelihood of fewer EU candidates looking for work in London, will also be a positive for local job hunters.


What we will see is companies hiring more temporary workers as they pursue a flexible resourcing model to accommodate all COVID-19 economic recovery outcomes.

Australasian Recruitment Company is ideally positioned to help if you have a can-do attitude, immediate availability, strong verbal, written and Microsoft Office skills, and high-quality references regardless of your nationality.

This has always been the case, but it is worth reiterating as the employee landscape dramatically changes for the upcoming period and we witness huge demand for what will be limited supply in office support roles throughout London.

We are open for business and here for you when you need us so give us a call on 020 7625 3300. We are also pipelining candidates to be ready for when the market turns and you can submit your CV here.

Take care, stay safe and stay positive!

Australasian Recruitment Company

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