Diversity & Inclusion

Unravelling Unconscious Bias (Part Two)

Unravelling Unconscious Bias (Part Two) In part two of unravelling unconscious bias, we look more specifically at different types of unconscious bias and ways to avoid them. 1. Similarity bias Think of your own organisation. Is there a typical background that a majority of employees share? Is the majority very…

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Unravelling Unconscious Bias (Part One)

Unravelling Unconscious Bias (Part One) As part of our series of blogs discussing diversity and inclusion, we take a two-part look at what unconscious bias is, and what we can do to mitigate it. Starting at the beginning – how does unconscious bias differ from bias? In simple terms, if…

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Diversity and Inclusion – MOB Academy

Our clients often ask us as a London-based recruitment agency what our policy is for diverse and inclusive hiring, as well as what commitments we have made either externally or internally in relation to diversity and inclusion. Today we wanted to share the contribution that our co-founder, Jeremy Nicholls, has…

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